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ABOUT... Leanne Paris 


Infusing a remarkable modern edge with a classy, classic soul sound that soars between fresh, fun and funky, the passionate heart-melting Sydney-based singer/songwriter Leanne Paris is rapidly staking her claim as one of this country’s leading musical lights.


Sultry, sassy and smooth, with an unrivalled groove to everything she points her Fender Rhodes piano at, the soul queen evokes the true musical greats without ever falling into blind, Idol-esque imitation, and that’s only the tip of the impressive iceberg of what this genuine talent has to offer.


Proving her undeniable chops and backed by a tight band, the in-demand performer journeys through a thrilling range of styles from smoky, emotional ballads and gritty blues to upbeat acid jazz and unbounded funk workouts, all enhanced by an innate sense of melody and world-class delivery.


With a uniquely individual feel and a versatile voice that soothes & drifts like a summer cloud then launches into her raunchy raspy musical bark, Leanne Paris is boldly forging her own exclusive musical path.


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